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static Object getFromId (Stack stack, Id id) throws IdentificadorNaoDeclaradoException
static void mapIdObject (Stack stack, Id id, Object object) throws IdentificadorJaDeclaradoException

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 StackHandler ()

Detailed Description

bldb, efas, jcbr, srmq
This class performs some utility operations over a Stack

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

plp.expressions2.memory.StackHandler.StackHandler (  )  [private]

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Member Function Documentation

static Object plp.expressions2.memory.StackHandler.getFromId ( Stack  stack,
Id  id 
) throws IdentificadorNaoDeclaradoException [static]

Looks for the object whose Id is 'id' on the mappings that exist on the specified Stack.

stack,the Stack which contains the mappings (Id->Object)
id,the Id of the desired object.
an Object indexed by the Id
IdentificadorNaoDeclaradoException if there is not any object indexed by 'id'

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static void plp.expressions2.memory.StackHandler.mapIdObject ( Stack  stack,
Id  id,
Object  object 
) throws IdentificadorJaDeclaradoException [static]

Adds a mapping on the specified Stack

stack,the Stack which contains the mappings
id,the Id that will index the new object
object,the content that will be indexed
VariavelJaDeclaradaException,if 'id' is already used in an existing mapping

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